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This conference paper was originally published as Pastuszak, J, Pieprzyk, J and Seberry, J, Codes Identifying Bad Signatures in Batches, in Roy, B abd Ding, C (eds), Proceedings of INDOCRYPT'2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1977, 2000, 143-154. Copyright Springer Verlag. Original book available here.


The work is concerned with identification of bad signatures in a sequence which is validated using batching. Identification codes (id-codes) are defined and their general properties are investigated. A taxonomy of id-codes is given. The generic construction for a wide range of id-codes is given and its instantiation using mutually orthogonal Latin squares is described. Hierarchical identification is studied for two cases when the identification procedure uses a family of id-codes and when there is a single underlying id-code. Remarks about future research conclude the work.