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L. Wang, N. Zhang & H. Du, "Design and Experimental Investigation of Demand Dependent Active Suspension for Vehicle Rollover Control," in Joint 48th IEEEE Conference on Decision and Control and 28th Chinese Control Conference, 2009, pp. 5158-5163.


This paper presents a novel design for demand dependent active suspension (DDAS) focusing on vehicle rollover control. Active suspensions take credit for improving ride comfort and handling performance, but to use active suspension in vehicle rollover control has not been widely investigated. The proposed active suspension design consists of four double direction hydraulic actuators, hydraulically interconnected, and it can actively tilt the vehicle against its roll motion by supplying a required restoring moment, which is over the competence of passive or semi-active suspension. Based on a real vehicle fitted with DDAS, the experimental investigation validates the effectiveness of DDAS in vehicle rollover control.



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