Server-controlled identity-based authenticated key exchange



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Guo, H., Mu, Y., Zhang, X. & Li, Z. (2009). Server-controlled identity-based authenticated key exchange. In J. Pieprzyk & F. Zhang (Eds.), Provable Sercurity Third International Conference, ProvSec 2009 (pp. 214-229). Guangzhou, China: Springer Verlag.


We present a threshold identity-based authenticated key exchange protocol that can be applied to an authenticated server-controlled gateway-user key exchange. The objective is to allow a user and a gateway to establish a shared session key with the permission of the back-end servers, while the back-end servers cannot obtain any information about the established session key. Our protocol has potential applications in strong access control of confidential resources. In particular, our protocol possesses the semantic security and demonstrates several highly-desirable security properties such as key privacy and transparency. We prove the security of the protocol based on the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman assumption in the random oracle model.

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