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Pask, D., Quigg, J. & Sims, A. (2009). Coverings of skew products and crossed products by coactions. Australian Mathematical Society Journal, 86 (3), 379-398.


Consider a projective limit G of finite groups Gn. Fix a compatible family δn of coactions of the Gn on a C*-algebra A. From this data we obtain a coaction δ of G on A. We show that the coaction crossed product of A by δ is isomorphic to a direct limit of the coaction crossed products of A by the δn. If A=C*(Λ) for some k-graph Λ, and if the coactions δn correspond to skew-products of Λ, then we can say more. We prove that the coaction crossed product of C*(Λ) by δ may be realized as a full corner of the C*-algebra of a (k+1)-graph. We then explore connections with Yeend’s topological higher-rank graphs and their C*-algebras.



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