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Krishna, A. & Lu, H. (2008). Requirements elicitation using goal-based organizational model. Australian Software Engineering Conference (pp. 543-551). United States: IEEE.


Domain knowledge is crucial for the quality of requirements. The systems analysts, who have adequate knowledge of software often don't understand the organizational context well. The Tropos methodology proposes a set of concepts, which are effective in capturing the organizational context, the interactions between the software system and the human agents. Based on the Tropos methodology, Software System-Business Model (SS-BM), which integrates the Software System Actor (SSA) from early requirements organizational model has been proposed. In this paper, a methodological approach of applying the SS-BM to requirements list elicitation is presented. In the proposed method, requirements items were mapped to SS-BM elements based on their semantic meanings. The mapped requirements list and SS-BM were analyzed in a specific sequence according to multiple checking points. The problems of requirements list were identified in the analysis process. For each kind of problem identified a possible improvement is proposed. Quality indicators were used to summarize the quality of requirements at the end of the elicitation process.



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