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Prinyapol, N., Fan, J. P. & Lau, S. K. (2009). A hospital based dynamic platform workflow management. IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, 36 (2), 192-198.


In this paper, we propose the use of dynamic compilation of web services to support workflow management in a hospital setting. Web services related to work practices belong to an organization that have been designed, built and stored in a web services repository. These web services can be shared with multiple functional units within the organization via the intranet or the Internet. The workflow of a health scenario will be presented. Work practice services that were selected will be compiled logically and optimally using the proposed dynamic compilation platform. The final outcome is presented as a web application. The web application can be compiled and recompiled as often as needed whenever changes to the requirements occur. This dynamic platform for workflow management (DPWFM) integrates the decision making process of workflow management for each functional unit in the organization to customize the workflow requirements that suits their needs.

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IAENG International Journal of Computer Science