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Popovski, K., Wysocki, B. J. & Wysocki, T. A. (2008). Combined user multiplexing and data modulation through non-binary turbo codes for UWB. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (pp. 1-6). Las Vegas, Nevada,USA: IEEE.


With significant research being conducted in Ultra Wideband communications to increase error performance, this paper proposes a combination of user multiplexing and data encoding to achieve a BER improvement. Through the use of non-binary turbo coding, data is modulated to form a time hopping code which is applied to a time-reversed UWB system. Comparative results with conventional binary coding are given, showing the possibility for BER improvements in systems with a low number of users. Slight performance degradations for a large number of users exist. The effects of a user applying turbo coding on other users not applying forward error correction is also studied.



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