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Clark, R. G., Doherty, M., Forbes, A. & Templeton, R. (2009). Sampling for subpopulations in household surveys with application to Maori and Pacific sampling. Official Statistics Research Series, 4 (2009), 1-61.


Many NZ national household surveys have a requirement to produce statistics with adequate precision both for the whole of NZ and for important subpopulations, particularly the Maori and Pacific populations. General population surveys which make no special provision for these groups would generally not achieve sufficient precision for Maori and Pacific estimates when these are of particular interest. Kalton and Anderson (1986) described a range of strategies for sampling subpopulations, where the aim is only to produce statistics about the subpopulation and not national statistics. The purpose of this Official Statistics Research fund project is to extend the methods of Kalton and Anderson (1986) to better incorporate some of the complexities of household surveys, with particular reference to sampling the Maori and Pacific populations in New Zealand.

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