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Sheppard, N. P. & Safavi-Naini, R. (2008). Modelling social networks as authorised domains with decay. In R. Grimm, B. Hass & J. Nutzel (Eds.), Virtual Goods: Technology, Economy and Legal Aspects (pp. 183-195). New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Sharing multimedia among friends and acquaintances is a common practice that, in appropriate settings, need not be detrimental to the interests of copyright owners. In this paper, we propose a model for sharing multimedia based on the notion of an acquaintance domain whose members will have access to the domain owner’s multimedia. Membership of an acquaintance domain is determined by the closeness of a relationship – where “closeness” can be defined by factors such as the frequency of visits – and membership of the domain deteriorates as the relationship becomes more distant. We have made an implementation of the proposal based on the Open Mobile Alliance’s specification for an authorised domain.