A case study of business intelligence adoption in professional organisations



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Bowden, M. (2007). A case study of business intelligence adoption in professional organisations. In H. Arabnia & A. Bahrami (Eds.), EEE2007: Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on E-Learning, E-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and E-Gevernment (pp. 102-106). USA: CSREA Press.


While the term Business Intelligence (BI) is widely used, there has been limited research conducted on the most effective methods of implementing and managing BI projects in specific contexts. This study considers the impact of organisational structure and industry on a BI implementation. This paper uses Mintzberg’s research on organisational structure, looking specifically at his model of the professional organisation (i.e. law firms, universities, medical practices). A case study of a university is presented, in which it is analysed how a project was selected, and what happened when they implemented the solution. It highlights several points that were observed by author through out the process.

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