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Alcock, J., Goard, J. M. & Vassallo, T. (2008). Calibrating mean-reverting jump diffusion models: an application to the NSW electricity market. In T. R. Marchant, M. P. Edwards & G. Mercer (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2007 Mathematics in Industry Study Group (pp. 57-76). Wollongong: University of Wollongong.


[extract] In recent years the Australian National Electricity Market (the NEM) has been undergoing the transition to a fully deregulated marketplace. In December 1998, for the first time, the wholesale price of electricity was subject to market forces. The NEM includes the Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian, South australian, Tasmanian and Australian Capital Territory electricity markets. Almost 8 million end users are supplied by the world's longest interconnected power system, and the NEM trades up to $7 billion of electricity annually.

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