A comparison of media response to recent national security events



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Tootell, H. (2007). A comparison of media response to recent national security events. In P. Mendis, J. Lai, E. Dawson & H. Abbass (Eds.), Recent Advances in Security Technology 2007: Proceedings of the 2007 RNSA Security Conference (pp. 367-377). Melbourne: Australian Homeland Security Research Centre.


The media coverage of national security events has a significant impact on the shaping of public opinion. This study has analysed a series of national security events and the subsequent newspaper coverage at specified periods after the time of the event. The comparison of coverage at these intervals uncovered interesting reflections on the dominant themes shaping public opinion. The results were analysed using qualitative content analysis software which created maps of the key concepts. It is the comparison of these maps that gives insight into the shifting attitude towards events of national security.

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RNSA Security Technology Conference

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