Wireless Position Location System For Indoor Environments



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D'Souza, M., Postula, A. & Ros, M. B. (2007). Wireless Position Location System For Indoor Environments. In M. Obaidat,, V. Peral & R. Caldeirinha (Eds.), WINSYS 2007 International conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems Proceedings (pp. 109-116). Portugal: INSTICC Press.


Location systems are used for a variety of navigation applications. Current Location systems are designed to provide accurate distance position coordinates. There are tracking or logistic applications where actual position coordinates are not necessary. Determining the room in a building an object is located can be more useful then the actual coordinates. We present an inexpensive and robust wireless location beacon network that can track the location of emergency responders or users in an indoor environment. Location beacons are placed at predetermined positions in a building. The location beacons are used to determine the presence of the user in an area of a building. The location beacon network does not track the user's coordinates. The location beacon network uses the ZigBee/802.15.4 wireless communications protocol. Our paper examines the use of the Zigbee protocol to determine a users location. Two realtime location tracking mechanisms are also analysed and tested.

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