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Song, Y., Sun, Y., Liu, M. & Dutkiewicz, E. (2007). Comparative analysis of resource reservation cost for different rsvp extension schemes in mobile environments. International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (pp. 1331-1336). Sydney: IEEE.


In wireless networks, advanced resource reservation becomes a necessary requirement for fast handover with QoS guarantee because of the mobility of nodes. However, advanced resource reservation would unavoidably lead to system resource wasting. In this paper, taking the representative RSVP extension schemes with mobility support, MRSVP, Multicast RSVP and Fast RSVP as examples, we analyze factors affecting resource reservation costs and present formalized expressions of reservation costs for these different resource reservation schemes. On this basis, we quantify and compare the reservation costs for different resource reservation schemes, and then give recommendations on resource reservation schemes design for mobile environments.



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