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Yi, S., Feng, B., Zhang, Y., Fang, G., Shi, J. & Dutkiewicz, E. (2007). Fast rsvp: a cross layer resource reservation scheme for mobile IPv6 networks. IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (pp. 691-697). Portugal: IEEE.


This paper proposes a new cross layer scheme (Fast (Fast RSVP) RSVP) to reserve resources in mobile IPv6 networks. networks. Through the cooperation of mobile IP and RSVP modules, The organ Fast RSVP includes a number of mechanisms such as ad- introduces re vanced resource reservation on neighbor tunnels, resource RSVP schem reservation on optimized routes, resource reservation for results; Secti handover sessions, path merge etc. Network simulation re- conclusions. sults show that our scheme, compared with other traditional ways to reserve resources in mobile environments, has the 2. Related following advantages: (1) it allows a mobile node to realize fast handover with QoS guarantees; (2) it avoids resource wasting caused by triangular routes and duplicate In recent reservations; (3) it distinguishes different types of reserva- have carried tion requests, greatly reducing the handover session forced vation schem termination rate while maintaining high performance ofthe posals [2-6] network.



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