Access Grid Rooms: the plan, the reality



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Porter, A. L., Nelson, M. I., Caladine, R. J., Aminifar, E. & Williams, G. H. (2007). Access Grid Rooms: the plan, the reality. Proceedings EARCOME4 2007, 4th East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (pp. 285-291). Penang: Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Access Grid Rooms (AGR) are rooms that draw together suites of technologies that enable collaboration and sharing across the internet. The sharing is of video images, interactive whiteboards, sound, document cameras, files and other applications. These rooms can be used to deliver lectures and subjects from one campus to other campuses at the same institution or to share subjects with other institutions across the country or with international partners. With no experience in teaching mathematics through the new medium the commitment to engage in teaching via an AGR was a leap of faith into one or many visions of the future of Mathematics Education. In this paper we examine the first 24 months from conception to a plan to install and use an AGR for teaching research and collaboration in mathematics and the reality of what transpired. The paper reports on student and staff experiences in using the technology to take and deliver honours level subjects across three universities in Australia.

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