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Popovski, K., Wysocki, T. A. & Wysocki, B. J. (2007). Closed-form derivations of ISI and MUI for time-reversed ultra wideband. IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Gold Coast: ICSPCS2007.


Through transmitter pre-filtering, a time reversed UWB system is capable if harnessing a multipath channel to achieve temporal and spatial focusing. Unfortunately, large RMS channel delay spread leads to significant intersymbol and multiuser interference. This paper presents closed-form expressions for self and multi-user interference for a UWB system utilizing a time-reversed approach. The influence of user multiplexing codes is taken to account through incorporation of a ‘separation probability’, which characterizes a family of hopping sequences. The standardized IEEE 802.15.3a channel model is applied, and the derived performances are compared with that of a simulated time hopped time-reversed UWB system.