Community website sustainability: an Australian perspective



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Norris, A. E. (2007). Community website sustainability: an Australian perspective. International Conference on Internet Computing (pp. 47-53). USA: CSREA Press.


In 2006, Australia released a novel scheme to promote the use of the Internet as a means of strengthening local communities. The Community Geographic Domain Name (CGDN) scheme has provided a new domain name space, to be used solely by not-for-profit, local community groups. As Australian communities attempt to establish a website under this scheme, they are faced many issues that may affect the success and survival of their management group and their website. There has been limited published research on such issues, and a lack of frameworks and models to describe previous experiences of traditional community websites. Longitudinal case study research was conducted on three communities involved in a trial of the CGDN scheme, in the first research of this type. Based on data collected, this paper identifies issues faced by the community groups attempting to build CGDN websites, and the relationships between these issues in a model of community website sustainability.

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International Conference on Internet Computing

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