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Vial, P. J., Wysocki, B. J. & Wysocki, T. A. (2007). Optimal receiver for Space Time Spreading across a Time Hopping PPM over Ultra Wideband Saleh-Valenzuela MIMO Channel. IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (pp. 1-6). Australia: IEEE.


This paper outlines a technique which can use multiple transmit antennas to send more than one binary bit using the same number of transmit antennas over a single transmission. It uses Ultra Wideband orthogonal pulse position modulation to achieve this, with the receiver employing a Rake receiver and a Maximum Ratio Combiner optimal detector. This is done over a Space Time Spreading Time Hopping Ultra Wideband Pulse Position Modulation system assuming a rich multipath Saleh-Valenzuela MIMO channel model. Simulation results indicate that a significant gain can be achieved compared with other proposed schemes utilising multiple transmit antennas for Ultra Wide Band Pulse Position communications. The gain is both in terms of transmission rate and the signal to noise ratio required for the simulator bit error rates.