Noninteractive manual channel message authentication based on eTCR hash functions



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Reyhanitabar, M., Wang, S. & Safavi-Naini, R. (2007). Noninteractive manual channel message authentication based on eTCR hash functions. E. Dawson, H. Ghodosi & J. Pieprzyk In Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy, July 2007, Australia. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4586, 4586 385-399.


We present a new non-interactive message authentication protocol in manual channel model (NIMAP, for short) using the weakest assumption on the manual channel (i.e. assuming the strongest adversary). Our protocol uses enhanced target collision resistant (eTCR) hash family and is provably secure in the standard model. We compare our protocol with protocols with similar properties and show that the new NIMAP has the same security level as the best previously known NIMAP whilst it is more practical. In particular, to authenticate a message such as a 1024-bit public key, we require an eTCR hash family that can be constructed from any off-the-shelf Merkle-Damgård hash function using randomized hashing mode. The underlying compression function must be evaluated second preimage resistant (eSPR), which is a strictly weaker security property than collision resistance.

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