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K. Chin, "T2-Fair: a two-tiered time and throughput fair scheduler for multi-rate WLANs," in ACM/IEEE International Conference on Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, 2006, pp. 91-98.


Low throughput due to unfairness is a key problem in multirate wireless local area networks. To promote fairness and hence throughput, T2-Fair groups flows according to their average data rate, provides each group fair time allocations and ensures throughput fairness for flows in each group. Since each group is allocated transmission times fairly, T2- Fair isolates high and low rate groups and prevents system capacity from being degraded by low rate flows. We have derived T2-Fair’s performance bounds analytically and investigated its performance using the ns-2 simulator in various scenarios with a mix of high and low rate flows. Our results show that T2-Fair is effective in isolating and providing proportional throughput fairness to these flows.



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