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Zhang, W., Li, E., Xi, J., Chicharo, J. F., Kai, G., Yuan, S. & Dong, X. (2005). Novel two-dimension FBG sensor based on rectangle cantiliver beam for simultaneous measurement of force and temperature. In S. Al-Sarawi (Eds.), Smart Structures and Materials and Non-destructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (pp. 537-542). USA: The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.


In this paper, for the first time to our knowledge, we report a novel FBG-type two-dimensional sensor that is able to simultaneously measure two-dimension (2-D) force and temperature, and the 2-D force sensing process can be tuned by applying rectangular cantilever beam (RCB). In the vertical directions of the RCB axis, the wavelengths shifts of two FBGs bonded to the surface of the RCB are quasi-linear with respect to the 2-D force and temperature, respectively. Two FBGs are experimentally demonstrated to have the 2-D force sensitivities of ~5.32 nm/N and 3.21 nm/N, a temperature sensitivity of ~0.095nm/°C between 0°C and 70°C, respectively.



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