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Vial, P. J., Vilapakkam Nagarajan, K., Chavan, M., Tewoldeberhan, T. & Srivalli, V. (2005). SMICTS: A Simulation Based Approach to Understand and Manage Service Quality. In P. Swadling (Eds.), SIMTECT2005 Simulation Conference and Exhibition (pp. 109-118). Sydney: Simulation Industry Association of Australia.


In this paper a novel simulation framework SIMCTS (Simulation Modelling and Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Patterns for Telecommunication Service Providers) for ISP business process modelling is described. It is shown that simulation technology can tackle a wide range of operational challenges in telecommunication service industry. The lack of very specific building blocks for functional service quality simulation has made the development SIMCTS simulation framework an absolute necessity. The paper introduces service quality framework that could transform a conceptual service quality model in to computer simulation model using the available service quality data in a fast and a effective way. The framework defines the structural data that is required to simulate service quality attributes using building block concepts. The framework can be used to develop various break even simulation models that helps providers to build flexibility in to service process design. Visual Basic Application (VBA) is used in the model to enhance flexibility and maintainability of model.

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Simulation Conference and Exhibition