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Sombattheera, C. & Ghose, A. K. (2005). Agent-based coalitions in dynamic supply chains. In C. Wei & B. Yen (Eds.), Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (pp. 1107-1117). UK: PACIS.


Coalition formation is an important issue in multi-agent systems. Recent work in the area has focused on reducing the complexity of forming coalitions, i.e., each agent deliberately searches for potential coalition members before negotiating with them. We propose a framework for coalition formation of agents in a dynamic supply chain environment. The framework is composed of a negotiation protocol and a decision mechanism. The negotiation protocol allows thorough communication among agents across sectors (buyers, sellers, logistic providers). With the decision mechanism, agents take two steps to form coalitions: i) agents in each sector form loosely-coupled coalitions in order to decrease the complexity of the negotiation, and ii) agents form coalitions across sectors in order to deliver goods to end customers. We provide an example of how they can help agents form coalitions successfully.

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Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems