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Li, E., Xi, J., Chicharo, J. F., Liu, T., Li, X., Jiang, J., Li, L. & Wang, Y. (2005). The experimental evaluation of FBG sensor for strain measurement of prestressed steel strand. In S. Al-Sarawi (Eds.), Smart Structures, Devices, and Systems II. Proceedings of SPIE Smart Structures and Materials, and Non-destructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (pp. 463-469). USA: The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.


Multi-wire steel strands have been widely used in various prestressed concrete structures. In this study, experimental evaluation of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors for strain measurements in a seven-wire prestressed steel strand has been carried out. An installation technique of FBG sensors has been developed to fulfill the special requirements of the prestressed steel strand. The experiment results show that fiber Bragg gratings can represent the overall stress of the prestressed steel strand without being affected by the specific structure of the strand when it is only fixed on one wire. It is also demonstrated that the maximum strain that the FBG sensor can measure is 6260 με, while the prestressed steel strand usually endures the strain greater than 10000 με. This means that an offset of about 4000 με is necessary to measure the maximum strain that the strand could experience in its applications.



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