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Eyers, A. W. & Abolhasan, M. (2005). Satellite DVB multicast for remote desert community messaging. In B. J. Wysocki & T. A. Wysocki (Eds.), 8th International Symposium on DSP and Communication Systems, DSPCS'2005 & 4th Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, WITSP'2005 (pp. 142-147). Noosa: DSP for Communication Systems.


A key issue for remote Australian desert community viability is providing services such as health and education, particularly given the limited telecommunications infrastructure. To help address this issue, we examine how satellite Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) TV can support new telecommunications services for these communities. In particular, we consider options for the DVB based multicast which underpins these services. We show that existing DVB and MHP capabilities can provide the required multicast support.