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Adistambha, K., Ritz, C. H. & Lukasiak, J. (2005). Embedded lossless audio coding using linear prediction and cascade. In B. J. Wysocki & T. A. Wysocki (Eds.), 8th International Symposium on DSP and Communication Systems, DSPCS'2005 & 4th Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, WITSP'2005 Noosa: DSP for communication Systems.


Embedded lossless audio coding is a technique for embedding a perceptual audio coding bitstream within a lossless audio coding bitstream. This paper provides an investigation into a lossless embedded audio coder based on the AAC coder and utilising both backward Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) and cascade coding. Cascade coding is a technique for entropy coding of large dynamic range integer sequences that has the advantage of simple implementation and low complexity. Results show that employing LPC in an embedded architecture achieves approximately an 8% decrease in the coding rate. The overall compression performance of cascade coding closely follows Rice coding, a popular entropy coding method for lossless audio. It is also shown that performance can be further improved by incorporating a start of the art lossless coder into the proposed embedded coder.