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Corrin, L. E. & Smith, M. H. (2007). Development of a cross-faculty model for the enhancement of academic standards in assessment of work-integrated learning programs. ATN Evaluation and Assessment Conference 2007: Assessment and evaluation for real world learning (pp. 25-30). Brisbane: Department of Teaching and Learning Support Services, Queensland University of Technology.


The competetiveness of the graduate employment market has prompted universities to develop ways to enhance student employability. This has led to an increase in the adoption of work-integrated (WiL) programs across the university sector. As these programs become a more common element in university degrees, it is necessary for the academic standards of its related assessment to be examined.

At the University of Wollongong (UOW) a number of academic programs incorporate a WiL component, but the methods of presentation and assessment vary considerably. From more traditional internship programs to innovative new problem-based learning models, the breadth and variety of WiL programs at UOW presents a challenge in establishing and maintaining quality. This paper presents the response to these trends and challenges through the development of a cross-faculty model for the assessment of WiL, which can be used by academics as a reference for future program design and review. Through a review of the literature, and audit of work-integrated learning programs at UOW and consultation with UOW academics, a model representative of the main stakeholders has been developed and will help to ensure academic standards are attained in all UOW work-integrated learning programs.