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This article was originally published as Seberry, J, Spence, SA and Wysocki, TA, A Construction Technique for Generalized Complex Orthogonal Designs and Applications to Wireless Communications, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 405, 2005, 163-176. Copyright Elsevier 2005. Original journal available here.


We introduce a construction technique for generalized complex linear processing orthogonal designs, which are p x n matrices X satisfying XHX = f I, where f is a complex quadratic form, I is the identity matrix, and X has complex entries. These matrices generalize the familiar notions of orthogonal designs and generalized complex orthogonal designs. We explain the application of these matrices to space-time block coding for multiple-antenna wireless communications. In particular, we discuss the practical strengths of the space-time block codes constructed via our proposed technique



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