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McFarlane, P. S., Fuller, A., Cretchley, P., McDonald, C. & Lam, C. (2005). Distance education teaching and tutoring: two evolving Australian models. International Conference on Computers in Education. South Africa: IFIP.


Many Australian universities have entered the distance education market, offering degree programs throughout South East Asia. Although each university offers their programs in a variety of styles, the common factor is the use of computer and web based technologies to not only support the subject’s content, but to facilitate the communication between the students and their academics. Students have accepted this mode of delivery through the presence of their local academics, who have facilitated their use of the technology. Without their local input, both academically and culturally, it can be seen that student use of computer based technology would be far more limited, thus inhibiting their success in the web based subjects. The offshore academic, as well as facilitating the student use of the technology has provided crucial local knowledge, thus adding impact to the subject and its relevance to the student. It is clear that computer and web based technologies will continue to be developed to add to the delivery of courses both on and offshore. It is in each university’s best interest to develop a close partnership with their offshore colleagues to ensure academic success for their students.

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International Conference on Computers in Education