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Koliadis, G., Ghose, A. K. & Padmanabhuni, S. (2008). Towards an Enterprise Business Process Architecture standard. IEEE Congress on Services (pp. 239-246). USA: IEEE.


An effective process architecture helps provide a high-level blueprint of the complexity underlying an enterprise, which is used by executive committees during key decision and change processes. As existing service standards focus on co-ordination, they fall short in describing the motivational structure depicted in such models. In order to progress towards standardization in this area of complexity, we discuss the practicality of a process architecture, and present a set of 22 questions that can be used in the functional evaluation and construction of a process architecture. We use these questions to evaluate the current “state-of-the-art” in business process architecture. We then apply the knowledge gathered during our evaluation and other work to develop the proposal for a general mapping framework that is capable of answering the set of queries we have proposed.



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