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This paper originally appeared as: He, J, Yang, Z, Yang, D et al, Analysis and representation of statistical performance of JPEG2000 encoded image over wireless channels, 9th International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, 15-18 September 2002, vol 3, 1051-1054. Copyright IEEE 2002.


JPEG2000 is a new coming image standard. In this paper we analyze the performance of error resilience tools in JPEG2000, and present an analytical model to estimate the quality of JPEG2000 encoded image transmitted over wireless channels. The effectiveness of the analytical model is validated by simulation results. Furthermore, analytical model is utilized by the base station to design efficient unequal error protection schemes for JPEG2000 transmission. In the design, a utility function is defined to make a tradeoff between the image quality and the cost for transmitting the image over a wireless channel.