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This paper originally appeared as: Xi, J, Yu, Y, Li, E & Chicharo, J, An improved dynamic model for optical feedback self-mixing interferometry-based measurement and instrumentation, Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Signal Processing and Its Applications, 28-31 August 2005, vol 2, 871-874. Copyright IEEE 2005.


This paper presents a new model that describes the behaviour of optical feedback self-mixing interferometry (OFSMI). Compared to the existing model, the proposed one does not suffer from the multiple value ambiguity problems. The proposed model is a dynamic one that gives a unique relationship between the external target moving law and the self-mixing signal (SMS) waveform (SMS) when other parameters are given. A computer simulation tool for OFSMI has been implemented to generate SMS waveforms and its effectiveness has been verified by experimental data.



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