Simplicity of 2-graph algebras associated to dynamical systems



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Lewin, P. & Pask, D. (2010). Simplicity of 2-graph algebras associated to dynamical systems. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Society, 33 (2), 177-196.


We give a combinatorial description of a family of 2-graphs which subsumes those described by Pask, Raeburn and Weaver. Each 2 graph we consider has an associated C algebra, denoted C (), which is simple and prely innite when aperiodic.. We give new, straightforward conditions which ensure that is aperiodic. These conditions are highly tractable as we only need to consider the nite set of vertices of in order to identify aperiodicity. In addition, the path space of each 2-graph can be realised as a two-dimensional dynamical system which we show must have zero entropy.

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