ICT use to improve mathematics education in secondary schools



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Hudson, R. & Porter, A. L. (2010). ICT use to improve mathematics education in secondary schools. Proceedings of the Australian Computers in Education: Digital Diversity Conference (pp. 1-10). Melbourne: Australian Council for Computers in Education.


Today's students are expected to learn about and use digital-technology in mathematics to prepare them for their future, the work force and the challenges of everyday life. However, international studies show that secondary mathematics teachers are still not effectively integrating computer technology in their classroom. This paper presents the findings from a doctoral study on the extent to which mathematics teachers in government high schools in New South Wales, Australia have integrated computer technology into their teaching. The sample contained 114 mathematics teachers from 26 public secondary schools in New South Wales, Australia. A statistical model, logistic regression analysis was used to examine mathematics teachers' beliefs, attitudes, knowledge (use of software packages; professional development experiences and needs in computer technology) and factors that encourage or hinder the use and not use of computers in the classroom. The findings of the study indicate that the strongest predictors that are positively associated with computer use are training on EXCEL and the need for ongoing support for the inclusion of technology in mathematics teaching. This paper concludes with recommendations as to how school leaders can support mathematics teachers to fully adopt computer technology use in teaching and learning.

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