Digital-learning : use of the internet to improve student performance



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Hudson, R. (2009). Digital-learning : use of the internet to improve student performance. Saarbrucken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.


We live in a digital or e-learning world, and the new trend of learning is the use of on-line facilities, the WEB or the Internet. For this reasons, this book is intended for those responsible for facilitating, coaching and assisting young people in learning how to learn with technology, specifically, the use of the internet and web-based resources. Many researchers, theorists, and authors have proven the potential of learning with technology. They have advocated; constructivists learning theory, new roles for teachers when using technology, the positive effects of using e-learning, software packages, multimedia facilities and programming languages on students' learning, emerging teaching approaches using technology, and have established that students of today are becoming responsible for their own learning. However the majority of teachers are not convinced or are still ambivalent towards the great potential of these technology tools. They need to be shown and professionally developed so that they themselves can experience the use of these tools. This can only happen with the presence of a clearly defined technology plan and the supportive role of the school principal. In this regard the main focus of this book is on the professional development of teachers in how to use the Internet for preparing and designing lessons appropriate to their specific subject areas.

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