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This paper originally appeared as: Rong, L & Burnet, I, Adaptive resource replication in a ubiquitous peertopeer based multimedia distribution environment, 2006 3rd IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 8-10 January 2006, vol 1, 65-68. Copyright IEEE 2006.


A dynamic P2P architecture was proposed in our previous work to support resource adaptation/personalization according to the surrounding usage environment and user preferences. In this paper, we propose an adaptive resource replication strategy based on the proposed P2P architecture. It uses resource request rate as the metric to trigger the resource replication process, and proportionally replicate multimedia resources into various configuration states according to the properties of peers (i.e., terminal capabilities and user preferences) and the size of peer clusters. Also, the strategy uses peer related information stored on super peers to determine which peers should be selected to perform adaptive replications and where the resulting replicas should be stored. Simulation results show that the proposed strategy reduces network delays while increasing resource hit rate in comparison to FreeNet and random replication strategies.