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Sun, Z., Shen, J. & Yong, J. (2013). A novel approach to data deduplication over the engineering-oriented cloud systems. Integrated Computer Aided Engineering, 20 (1), 45-57.


This paper presents a duplication-less storage system over the engineering-oriented cloud computing platforms. Our deduplication storage system, which manages data and duplication over the cloud system, consists of two major components, a front-end deduplication application and a mass storage system as back-end. Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) is a common distribution file system on the cloud, which is used with Hadoop database (HBase). We use HDFS to build up a mass storage system and employ HBase to build up a fast indexing system. With a deduplication application, a scalable and parallel deduplicated cloud storage system can be effectively built up. We further use VMware to generate a simulated cloud environment. The simulation results demonstrate that our deduplication storage system is sufficiently accurate and efficient for distributed and cooperative data intensive engineering applications



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