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Gadh, R., Roussos, G., Michael, K., Huang, G. Q., Prabhu, B. Shiv. & Chu, P. (2010). RFID- a unique radio innovation for the 21st century. Proceedings of the IEEE, 98 (9), 1546-1549.


In 1948, the Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers published Harry Stockman’s seminal work on “communication by means of reflected power,” which many consider as the first paper on RFID. The paper concluded by expressing the expectation that “considerable research and development work has to be done before the remaining basic problems in reflected-power communication are solved, and before the field of useful applications is explored.” It is only appropriate that after more than 60 years following the publication of this work by its progenitor, in this special issue the Proceedings of the IEEE review current developments towards the realisation of the goal outlined by Stockman.

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