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Guest Editors Katina Michael & M.G. Michael (2011): The social and behavioural implications of location-based services, Journal of Location Based Services, 5:3-4, 121-137


The social and behavioral implications of location-based services (LBS) are only now beginning to come to light in advanced markets where the services have been adopted by just a little over half the market (Microsoft 2011). Depending on one's definition of what constitutes location-based services, statistics on the level of adoption differ considerably. While it is helpful to provide as broad a list of applications as possible in what constitutes LBS (e.g. everything from in-vehicle navigation systems to downloading a map using a computer), it can also cloud the real picture forming behind this emerging technology. Emerging not in the sense that the technology is brand new, but emerging because the ensemble of technologies known as LBS are increasingly lending themselves to new levels of integration and convergence.

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