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Keep, D., Piper, I. C., Green, A. R. & Bunder, R. (2011). Modelling of behaviours in response to terrorist activity. In F. Chan, D. Marinova & R. S. Anderssen (Eds.), 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (pp. 475-481). Perth, Western Australia: Modelling and Simulation Society.


In this paper we present an approach to the modelling of human interaction in complex environments and its application to a security related scenario; the evacuation of a railway station subsequent to the detonation of an improvised explosive device. The intent of the experiments reported in this paper is to investigate the application of our existing software capabilities to the proof-of-concept scenario described above.Our simulation framework, Simulacron, allows the development of multiple interacting modules which address matters such as motivation, scheduling and movement, controlled both by internal goals and external influences. The ability to integrate this interaction modelling with our existing, rich palette of capabilities makes this approach to simulation building of particular interest.

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International Congress on Modelling and Simulation