Toward a model for e-government services adoption: the case of Jordan



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Al Hujran, O. & Chatfield, A. T. (2008). Toward a model for e-government services adoption: the case of Jordan. In D. Remenyi (Eds.), Proceeding of the 8th European Conference on e-Government (pp. 13-22). UK: Academic Publishing Limited.


Over the past decade governments all over the world have realized the value of providing government information and services through the Web. With this growing interest in e-government, the question of how to increase citizen adoption and usage of egovernment services has been raised. In order to facilitate citizens to adopt and use the egovernment service channel, governments and e-government researchers need to understand the factors that influence citizens' adoption and usage of e-government services. Grounded in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) framework, this paper develops a unique theoretical model by integrating the TAM with a set of new factors identified in the literature Hofstedes national culture trustworthiness and perceived public value. The revised TAM model developed in this paper is to study the impacts of these factors on citizen adoption of e-government services in developing countries with different national cultures and values. This model then is applied to asses the Jordanian egovernment adoption. As part of a larger research project, the paper will report the survey instrument development and validation in the field. We administered the survey instrument to a sample of 65 students randomly chosen from University students in Jordan. Although the sample was small, it indicates that the reliability of the scales is within an acceptable range and it can be used to test the main study hypotheses.

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