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Chen, X., Li, J. & Susilo, W. (2012). Efficient fair conditional payments for outsourcing computations. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 7 (6), 1687-1694.


The outsourcing computations in distributed environments suffer from the trust problems between the outsourcer and the workers. All existing solutions only assume the rational lazybut- honest workers. In this paper, we first introduce the rational lazy-and-partially-dishonest workers in the outsourcing computation model. In addition, we propose a new fair conditional payment scheme for outsourcing computation that is only based on traditional electronic cash systems. The proposed construction uses a semitrusted third party T to achieve the fairness and efficiency. However, is only involved in the protocol in the exceptional case, namely in the case of disputes. Moreover, since neither the secret sharing/splitting scheme nor the cut-and-choose protocol is used for the generation or verification of the payment token, our solution clearly outperforms the existing schemes in terms of efficiency.

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