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Chatfield, A. T. & AlHujran, O. (2007). E-government evaluation: a user-centric perspective for public value proposition. In H. Arabnia & A. Bahrami (Eds.), International Conference on e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government (pp. 53-59). USA: CSREA Press.


Academic research and institutional reports present evidence of e-government project failures and stalled or cancelled initiatives. Prior research concludes that e-government evaluation is under developed and calls for improving egovernment evaluation practice. Stages of growth models have been used in IS research and more recently in e-government research. While egovernment stage models provide potentially useful tools for e-government evaluation, there are different e-government stage models that are sometimes contradictory in development stages and perspectives. Drawing on the concept of public value proposition, this research surveys existing egovernment stage models from a user-centric perspective and develops a user-centric, demandside model that underscores the importance of creating public value through new e-government capabilities such as secure financial transaction, eparticipation, e-voting, and e-democracy.