Defect trancking of electrical components



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Asiegbu, G. & Haidar, A. M. (2011). Defect trancking of electrical components. UMIES 2011: United Kingdom - Mayaysia - Ireland Engineering Science Conference (pp. 1-4). Malaysia:


In the electrical power generation and distribution industry, monitoring transmission and distribution networks for fault conditions is very important. In some power distribution systems, the short circuit current capability has steadily grown to the point that existing station equipment. The electrical equipment failures can be avoided if the temperature threshold is detected in order to take timely corrective action. This paper attempts to identify the use of infrared thermal imaging or thermography of the Electrical components as a non-invasive adjunctive diagnostic methodology for Electrical Faults. Thermal imaging, as a test of physiology can detect subtle changes in components temperature that indicate a variety of components abnormalities.

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