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This article was originally published as: Bu, S & Naghdy, F, Wireless ad-hoc control networks, 3rd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN '05), 10-12 August 2005, 839-844. Copyright IEEE 2005.


A new concept called wireless ad-hoc control networks (WACNets), designed for distributed and remote monitoring and control is suggested in this work. Such systems represent the next stage in the evolution of distributed control and monitoring. WACNet explores a framework for organic, evolutionary and scalable method of integrating a large number of nodes with sensing and/or actuation, local intelligence and control, data processing and communication capabilities. The concept is introduced and the design of the network is presented. As an essential element in the operation of WACNet, service discovery developed for WACNet will be described and progress made so far will be reported.



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