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Haidar, A. M., Mohamed, A. & Hussain, A. (2007). Vulnerability assessment of a large sized power system considering a new index based on power system loss. European Journal of Scientific Research, 17 (1), 61-72.


The concept of power system vulnerability assessment combines information on the level of system security as well as information on a wide range of situations, events and contingencies with regards to which a system is vulnerable. This paper attempts to investigate and evaluate the effect of line outage, generation outage and amount of load disconnected on the power transmission network losses of a large size power system. These effects will be investigated and evaluated using new proposed method based on vulnerability index of power system loss. The objectives of this work is to evaluate and compare the efficiency of the proposed vulnerability index based on total power system loss in assessing the vulnerability of a large size power system with other known vulnerability indices based on anticipated loss of load as well as generation vulnerability index. Case studies were carried out using the Power System Analysis and Toolbox (PSAT) on the 300-bus test system the vulnerability indices were calculated using the Matlab program. The impact of each contingency on the result of power system loss is discussed