Electrical defect detection in thermal image



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Haidar, A. M., Asiegbu, G., Hawari, K. & Ibrahim, F. (2012). Electrical defect detection in thermal image. Advanced Materials Research, 433-440 (2012), 3366-3370.


Electrical and Electronic objects, which have a temperature of operating condition above absolute zero, emit infrared radiation. This radiation can be measured on the infrared spectral band of the electromagnetic spectrum using thermal imaging. Faults on electrical systems are expensive in terms of plant downtime, damage, loss of production or risk from fire. If the threshold temperature is timely detected, the electrical equipment failures can be avoided. This paper presents a straightforward approach for thermal analysis that examines power loads and large area thermal characteristics. A thermal imaging camera was used to collect thermal pictures of the tested system under various operating conditions. These pictures are analyzed using thermal diagnosis system in order to detect the fault location that may occur and improve inspection efficiency.

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