Two families of Exel-Larsen crossed products



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Brownlowe, N. D. and; Raeburn, I. F. (2013). Two families of Exel-Larsen crossed products. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 398 (1), 68-79.


Larsen has recently extended Exel’s construction of crossed products from single endomorphisms to abelian semigroups of endomorphisms, and here we study two families of her crossed products. First, we look at the natural action of the multiplicative semigroup N× on a compact abelian group Γ , and the induced action on C(Γ ). We prove a uniqueness theorem for the crossed product, and we find a class of connected compact abelian groups Γ for which the crossed product is purely infinite simple. Second, we consider some natural actions of the additive semigroup N2 on the UHF cores in 2-graph algebras, as introduced by Yang, and confirm that these actions have properties similar to those of single endomorphisms of the core in Cuntz algebras.

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