Design maintenance in process eco-systems



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Kurniawan, T., Ghose, A. K., Dam, H. K., Le, L. ; Zhang, T. (2012). Design maintenance in process eco-systems. 2012 IEEE 9th International Conference on Services Computing, SCC 2012 (pp. 392-399). IEEE Explore: IEEE.


This paper addresses the problem of managing business process changes at the design level within a complex business process repository. We argue that a formal process eco-systems view can provide a particular useful solution to the problem in which their inter-process relationships can be properly described. Our intent is to build a modular infrastructure to support change management in process eco-systems by leveraging a change propagation approach that would maintain the inter-process relationships. This permits us to propagate the changes, made on a particular process, to the rest of the processes for maintaining the relationship equilibrium of such eco-system. Our experimental evaluation suggests that the propagation of change can be efficiently achieved, which suggests that the real source of complexity stems from the redesign of individual models. 2012 IEEE.

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